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We are proud of the first ever policy on inclusive education in Sierra Leone: the National Policy on Radical Inclusion in Schools

🔊 Listen to this blog By Dr David Moinina Sengeh, Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary Education of Sierra Leone and Chair of the Advisory Board for the GEM Report I became the Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary Education of Sierra … Continue reading

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Climate strikes by school children, which erupted in 2019, continue

🔊 Listen to this blog In the middle of the pandemic, the world’s youth has not lost its focus on the planet’s biggest challenge. School children in Germany are setting up a political party, Klimaliste, standing in local elections. The party … Continue reading

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Gender-responsive career counselling can help women’s progress in science

Year-on-year the issue of women in science comes back to the surface as we celebrate the International Day of Women in Science.  Yet, year-on-year there is not enough progress.  The 2020 Gender Report showed that women are still over-represented in … Continue reading

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The bottom ten countries for girls’ education

The World Inequality Database in Education, WIDE, managed by the GEM Report and the UNESCO Institute for Statistics, highlights the powerful influence of gender, combined with other factors such as ethnicity and location, over which people have little control but … Continue reading

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Want your Digital Health Education Program to Work? Hire a Youth Designer 

By Mireille Sekamana, a junior designer from Kigali, Rwanda. She works with YLabs to design digital platforms that provide health education to empower young people in Rwanda. Mireille is taking part in the Switched On Symposium in Istanbul, Turkey, 19-21 … Continue reading

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If we do not provide young people with quality sexuality education, the digital world will  

By: Joanna Herat, senior programme specialist for health and education at UNESCO, with expertise in comprehensive sexuality education, HIV, and school-related gender-based violence. Joanna is leading the team organizing the Switched On Symposium in Istanbul, Turkey, 19-21 February 2020, around … Continue reading

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10 students with a disability talk about the difficulties of accessing inclusive education in the USA

“Being disabled, for many of us, means the end to any hopes of pursuing an education”, said Ashley Cowan D’Ambrosio, a Master of Arts student at the City University of New York with multiple disabilities, including attention deficit hyperactivity disorder … Continue reading

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Pregnant girls must be supported in attending school

In October, Sierra Leone’s government issued a clarification to its 2015 policy that barred pregnant girls from attending school. Sadly, the clarification only reaffirms the government’s position. Based on erroneous perceptions that ‘pregnant girls have the potential to negatively influence … Continue reading

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Educating for the social, the emotional and the sustainable

By Andy Smart, Margaret Sinclair, Aaron Benavot, Jean Bernard, Colette Chabbott, S. Garnett Russell and James Williams Earlier this year, the UN Secretary-General reported that “the shift in development pathways to generate the transformation required to meet the Sustainable Development … Continue reading

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A woman has won the ‘Nobel prize for mathematics’ for the first time

  The 2019 Abel Prize, also known as the ‘Nobel prize for mathematics’ was won by Karen Uhlenbeck last Tuesday, the first woman to ever receive the award. The award makes her one of the pioneers for women mathematicians, alongside … Continue reading

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