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Inclusion in early education in Singapore: towards more equitable foundations

🔊 Listen to this blog Just last month the Singapore Government made a welcome announcement. From the second half of 2023, all pre-schools will have an inclusion coordinator.  This new role in schools will identify and provide support for children with developmental needs from … Continue reading

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Cancel exams? What is an appropriate response to the COVID-19 disruption?

🔊 Listen to this blog ‘Dear Government, please remember before deciding between offline and online exams that we’ll be able to vote next year ;)’, tweeted several students in India last week. In recent days, ‘cancelboardexams2021’ has been trending on … Continue reading

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We are proud of the first ever policy on inclusive education in Sierra Leone: the National Policy on Radical Inclusion in Schools

🔊 Listen to this blog By Dr David Moinina Sengeh, Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary Education of Sierra Leone and Chair of the Advisory Board for the GEM Report I became the Minister of Basic and Senior Secondary Education of Sierra … Continue reading

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Look after hidden out-of-school children in high income countries as schools reopen

🔊 Listen to this blog Europe is one of the worst hit regions by COVID-19. Schools remain closed in many countries. New closures have been announced in the last few days across France, and many schools are only partially open … Continue reading

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Don’t forget about those who were not in school before the pandemic

🔊 Listen to this blog By Andrew Christensen, Dr Carla Pezzulo , Professor Andy Tatem , Dr Victor Alegana and  Omar Bakari, academics and practitioners working in education policy, disability rights, public health, and geospatial and data science School closures … Continue reading

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Mission: Recovering Education 2021

By Stefania Giannini, Robert Jenkins and Jaime Saavedra 🔊 Listen to this blog When your house is on fire, you don’t worry about how big it is, the colour of the paint on the walls, or whether the kitchen is … Continue reading

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In which countries do children attend single-sex schools?

🔊 Listen to this blog While enrolment rates disaggregated by sex might be easy to find, comparative cross-country data on how many children are in single-sex schools are scarce. As another International Women’s Day passes us by, it seems fitting … Continue reading

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How will countries make up for lost learning during the pandemic?

🔊 Listen to this blog As one lockdown week morphs into another, the learning of millions of students continues to be disrupted. UNESCO figures show, on average, two-thirds of an academic year has been lost worldwide due to COVID-19 school closures. The learning loss is enormous. The … Continue reading

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Latin American and Caribbean countries must address structural discrimination to create educational opportunities for all

🔊 Listen to this blog Latin America and the Caribbean is characterized by wide and persistent disparity by ethnicity. By most measures of well-being, including education, ethnic groups tend to fare worse than the rest of the population. The various … Continue reading

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New GEM Report photo contest on non-state actors in education

Every year, the GEM Report holds an international photo contest to seek out new and original images to complement its innovative findings and analysis. Last year’s winner, Robert Lamu, addressed the exclusion often faced by learners with Albinism. Before that, Domyson … Continue reading

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