We need to talk about racism in schools

The fault lines are open and fractions are rising in the United States. Inequalities, which have always been there, are now fully exposed because of COVID-19, including its effect on marginalized communities. The death of George Floyd shined the spotlight even brighter on the racial inequality and segregation embedded in this country’s education system.

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Ongoing discrimination, alienation and segregation in schools promote exclusion in education and damages the opportunity to build more inclusive attitudes among members of the population. It’s time for this to stop.

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3 Responses to We need to talk about racism in schools

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  2. Globaltel says:

    I think this is a big move and a great solution for racism as a whole. Racism doesn’t only happen outside our homes/community but it is mainly developed and observed in schools. It is also where it starts sprouting and is practiced on a daily basis. I hope this will be implied to all of the schools worldwide. I believe if we successfully completely delete racism in schools, the future will be brighter for the next generations.


  3. Basiru Mbenga says:

    The contribution posted during the discussions is not answered.


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