Do you know a champion in inclusion and education?

Help us by nominating those who you believe deserve recognition

5The 2020 Global Education Monitoring (GEM) Report due out next April will cover inclusion in education, addressing all those at risk of exclusion from education because of gender, sexual orientation, displacement, migration, ethnicity, language, remoteness, poverty, disability or other characteristics.

Our Report will challenge the extent to which policy makers are building inclusive societies, and whether that is reflected in their education laws, policies and plans, and how they are being implemented. It calls on all of us to look at whether we are practicing inclusion in the way we educate those around us. It is motivated by the call to ensure an inclusive and equitable quality education in the formulation of SDG 4, the global goal for education. It reminds us that, no matter what argument may be built to the contrary, we have a moral imperative to ensure every child has a right to an appropriate education of high quality.

Achieving inclusion is not an easy task. All around the world, many children, young people and adults face insurmountable barriers in their daily lives that prevent them from fulfilling their true potential – including in education. To fight prejudice and misinformation, champions of inclusion are fundamental to change mindsets – at the school, local and, especially, at the national level. Inclusion is a vision, which is hard to pin down. To highlight and recognize the contributions that some visionary and courageous people have made, we are looking for champions in inclusion and education, hoping that their stories will illustrate the real meaning of inclusion in education for everyone to understand. Championing these stories in the Report, through our events and in the media will help inspire others to follow their example.

With your help, we want to find…

  •  … teachers or head teachers who live and breathe inclusion in how they approach education…
  • … schools set up in a way that everyone can fulfil their potential…
  • … students, parents or communities that battled against the odds for inclusion in education…
  • … activists, academics, civil servants or politicians who successfully advocated for inclusive education.

These may be people who are currently championing inclusion or who played a key role at some point in the development of their countries’ education systems.

2You can nominate champions by sending us information to by providing information on this form. We want to know why you have nominated them. We are interested to know their background, what inspired them and what has been their key contribution.

Deadline: Friday 11 October

Download our flyer and share it with your networks.

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