Are you a teacher? Join us and become an advocate for education

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4 Responses to Are you a teacher? Join us and become an advocate for education

  1. Dr. Florence kisirkoi says:

    Good idea. As a teacher i believe i can contribute to education


  2. Dr. Florence kisirkoi says:

    Teachers are key in quality education and require support in pedagogy


  3. dsimic says:

    Hello. Could you possibly elaborate a bit, or point to a post on your blog? Join in what way, how does one become an ‘advocate for education’, and what does it entail? Many thanks.


    • Kate Redman says:

      Dear Dsimic, At the moment, we have an Advocacy Toolkit for teachers, which provides guidance for you if you are keen to lobby for change in your country. We will be developing on this in the coming year, providing an updated advocacy toolkit for teachers related specifically to the new education goal countries have signed up to, and to the broader set of development goals as well – we will never achieve real change, after all, if the right messages are not being given in the classroom to our future generations! We are hoping to make contact with a group of teachers keen to sign up to this who we will be contacting to ask what policies you are keen to lobby on, and to help join the dots between you and other partners. We can provide evidence related to your policy of choice in your country from our Report, for instance, that might help build an argument. Where appropriate, we will look into providing platforms for you to speak as a spokesperson to the media for instance. We will also be contacting you soon to ask your opinions on various policies in your countries that you believe might be standing in the way of/or could be developed so as to speed up progress towards our new goals. I hope this helps. Thank you for getting in touch


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